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Saturday, January 16 2010

Democratic Senate Candidate Martha Coakley has staggered into campaign end game with significant media gaffes that could rally those on the fence to her opponent.  The gaffes include her statement that she would rather ".meet with Party officials.", than ".shake hands at Fenway Park." Curt Shilling, a BoxSox icon weighed in to the comment...

"Has she forgotten who she's talking to? What state she's wanting to represent in the Senate? It's Massachusetts. You do not make sneering insults about Fenway Park. What's she going to do next, insult the Red Sox?"

Perhaps she was taking a swing at Curt "bloody sock"Shilling when she called him a "...Yankees' fan...." just like Rudy Guillani,  in response to questions about Rudy's visit to support Scott Brown. Oops. 

Even more sacred ground upon which she has chosen to trample includes Catholics, who ".shouldn't work in emergency rooms.", and "the terrorists are not there (in Afghanistan) anymore."  Even the crickets weren't chirping after that statement.  And finally, an early campaign ad intending to smear Republican Candidate Brown had an image of the most sacred ground, the World Trade Center, which was embedded behind the words ".Greed and Corruption."

Martha's friends say she has a wonderful sense of humor and she has not been effective in displaying it during the campaign.  There is a comedy nightclub in Atlanta called "The Punch Line",  where comics perform their stand up routines to a fickle audience who venture into the club to laugh out loud and find a release from life's routine. Candidate Coakley is performing her stand up for a national audience on a highly visible stage and is experiencing her own media Punch Line indeed.

Charles Fellingham is a Purple Podium Coach and founder of QAlias

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