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Wednesday, January 27 2010

Ok, we know what the problems are, high unemployment, growing deficits, unbridled government growth, inability of political legislators to work together,   foggy climate change initiatives, diluted global competitive leadership, tight credit for business and consumers, health care cost growth, market uncertainty among others.

So for this speech we the people were seeking at most a cohesive plan to solve the problems or at least an offering of some tactical solutions that could have immediate effects on job growth and the other problems mentioned.  Voters watching the speech also expected to see a CEO present a motivational vision for legislators to willingly act upon with expediency.

From Nuclear power and Clean Coal to Tax Credits for Community College Students the State of the Union Address was an attempt to appeal to everyone in the room.   The pundits and party faithful found both red meat and blue sky to rally to in the words of the President.  In total, the speech was either an attempt to demonstrate harmony with the voters’ priorities or served as an initiative to reach across the aisle to both liberals and conservatives to fulfill the bipartisan campaign promise.

We could see from the agreeable reactions of many legislators in the room for sound bites that spoke to American values. We also observed nods from both sides of the room for the confident messages of prosperity to come.  Everyone was however waiting for the cohesive plan that they could align with to solve the problems that American voters view as their priorities.  

On style, the President delivered the words with excellence, although at times seemed less presidential than in past speeches, especially when communicating his vulnerabilities.  On substance, we will have to wait and see.  The gauntlet was thrown for a new tone, but the jobs legislation that Obama demanded will be the first test as to the effectiveness of tonight’s message.

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