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Welcome to The Purple Podium

We are your resource for a balanced view of the important issues from both sides of the political aisle.

Two-Day Training Seminar

The main goal in political speaking is purposeful, strong delivery that culminates with the rallying of armies of supporters – in ways that bring them to the voting booths with conviction for you and your platform.

At The Purple Podium, we know you are operating in a more dynamic arena than typical public speaking - with much higher expectations and greater stakes.Thus, we built a two-day course to cater to the needs of everyone from an aspiring politician to a seasoned pro. This performance laboratory will permit you to hone your skills and emerge as a leader in the highly competitive and unforgiving market of political speaking.  Learn more about our powerful course, where it is offered, how to attend and more.

Health Care - Progressive View 
Health Care - Conservative View 

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